Here at Panda we love empowering our retail partners. If you're not ready to sign up yet, this page should give you a better sense of the program.

Ordering With Us

I saw a retail item that would be great for my customers. How can I order it from you wholesale?

If you are interested in carrying Panda products, you can apply to become one of our certified wholesale partners or email us at

To qualify as a retailer, you should have a valid business entity and it is strongly preferable that you maintain at least one physical (brick and mortar) store. After we have evaluated your application, we will email you informing you of our decision and the steps needed to proceed.

Please note: We work as quickly as possible when processing applications, but because of the due diligence involved and the high amount of requests it may take 10 days or longer to fully evaluate your application.

If approved, how can I set up a wholesale account?

After we confirm the success of your application we will set you up with a retailer account on You will receive an email with a unique login link - simply click the link to create your secure password and your account will be fully activated.

When logged into your retailer account you will have access to retailer-only offerings, see special wholesale pricing on all our eligible products, and can use either the normal customer flows or our bulk order form to check out and complete your order.

How can I place an order?

Once you have activated your account, it is quick and easy to place your wholesale orders and reorders via the online portal. Using our single page order form you can access all of the products available to you in one place, with the prices automatically adjusted for wholesale rates.

Simply check out once you've selected all your items and your order will be on its way. You'll also receive an email confirmation for your order, along with shipment tracking information.

Are there minimums on orders?

Yes, the minimum initial order is $500.

We understand that all businesses have different needs in terms of stocking and inventory, however, so as long as you are our wholesale partner any subsequent orders will only be subject to a $150 minimum.

What payment methods are accepted?

We accept all major credit and debit cards (including American Express, Mastercard, Visa, Discover, Maestro, Cirrus) as well as PayPal.

Do you accept cash, checks, or cashier's checks?

In general, no. We only accept payment with credit card, debit card, and PayPal, because this allows us to process orders for you immediately and to minimize the risk of fraud and lost checks. Additionally, in the event that you request a refund, it allows us to process it for you promptly.

For wholesale partners in good standing we may also accept credit terms up to 90 days -- email us for more information.

How long do orders take to arrive?

If your shipment is headed to a location within the continental United States, orders will ship within 1 business day and usually arrive within 2-3 business days if you select our standard shipping option.

Orders to Canada will typically take between 6-10 business days with our standard shipping option.

If you are shipping to a location outside of the continental U.S. or Canada, your shipping times may be longer and will vary accordingly.

Do you offer free shipping?

Yes! We offer free USPS Priority Mail shipping on all orders worldwide. :)

There is nothing needed to qualify for free shipping, such as minimum order size or quantity.

We always provide free shipping, but certain international shipments may be subject to the local country's import taxes or tariffs.

How can I track my delivery?

Your order and delivery tracking information will automatically be emailed to you when you place your order.

Do you have a return policy?


As part of our happiness guarantee, you may return any item that is in new condition within 60 days of purchasing for a full 100% refund of the purchase price if you do not sell the product. It's hassle free and easy. :)

You can simply contact our wholesale service team. They will provide you with a RMA, and as soon as we receive your return shipment with the products in their original packaging we will process your refund.

Additionally, we offer a lifetime warranty on craftsmanship to protect you and your customers from defective merchandise. You may request to exchange defective products by contacting us at the email address above.

Our Company

What is the backstory of Panda Sunglasses?

Panda was founded in 2012 with the mission of making a positive social and environmental impact. Panda Sunglasses is world-famous for its eco-friendly, sustainable, hand-crafted bamboo sunglasses. We are proud of our beautiful design and durable products, but Panda is more than a fashion company.

Through our partnerships with Optometry Giving Sight, every pair of sunglasses purchased gives the Gift of Vision to someone in need.

Additionally, our partnership with Pencils of Promise has allowed us to give the Gift of Education each time a Bamboo Watch is purchased.

At Panda, we believe that fashion can be combined with a higher purpose to change the world. We are proud to be an environmentally and socially responsible company that also contributes to the economy by providing a place of employment and helping our retail partners succeed as well.

Want to know more? Check out our full about us page.

Our Products

How can I get more information about your products?

If you would like a catalog, wholesale sheet, lookbook, or line sheet, simply email us and we will send it to you as soon as possible. Or, as a certified wholesale partner, you can browse products and their descriptions in depth via the online portal.

What are your best sellers?

We constantly update our wholesale partners on our best selling and hottest items. We always package best sellers with our New Retailer Kit to ensure success with selling Panda products in your store.

For even more current information on our best sellers, drop us a line and we'll get back to you promptly.

How sustainable are your products?

Bamboo is the fastest growing and most eco-friendly wood in the world. It is also incredibly durable.

Using layered bamboo and a proprietary design process, we are able to create quality natural bamboo products that have minimal impact on the environment and stand the test of time and usage.

Because of this, we feel that Panda sunglasses and watches are the most sustainable bamboo products on the market.


Bamboo is a grass & continues to grow after harvesting, making it the true sustainable choice.

Many wooden glasses are made from endangered trees such as Walnut, Maple, & Zebrawood. Harvesting these woods means completely destroying the tree. :(


the Originals

Monroe Bamboo Sunglasses from $189.00
Jackson Bamboo Sunglasses from $189.00
Jackson Bamboo Sunglasses from $209.00
Valencia Bamboo Sunglasses from $209.00
Valencia Bamboo Sunglasses from $189.00
Valencia Bamboo Sunglasses from $189.00
Valencia Bamboo Sunglasses from $189.00
Panda Sunglasses Jackson Bamboo Sunglasses from $189.00
Bold, oversized, wood frames. Jackson bamboo sunglasses showcase wide, rectangular lenses that complement all faces All sales benefit Optometry Giving Sight. Panda sunglasses are eco-friendly and come in a microfiber pouch with a free bamboo case. At a Glance: FSC certified, eco-friendly bamboo frames   These frames look best on larger faces.  
Panda Sunglasses Kennedy Bamboo Sunglasses from $189.00
Boxy, wood-framed sunglasses that complement all faces. Kennedy bamboo sunglasses are one of our bestselling frames! All sales benefit Optometry Giving Sight. Panda sunglasses are eco-friendly and come in a microfiber pouch with a free bamboo case. At a Glance: FSC certified, eco-friendly bamboo frames Brow width: 140mmArm length: 138mm 100% polarized lenses Lens width: 52mmLens height: 38mm These frames look best on all faces. 60-day returnsfree shipping & 12 month warranty   
Panda Sunglasses Joyce Bamboo Sunglasses $189.00
Butterfly style sunglasses made from bamboo. These wood frames feature rounded lenses and with a hint of cat-eye.  All sales benefit Optometry Giving Sight. Panda sunglasses are eco-friendly and come in a microfiber pouch with a free bamboo case. At a Glance: FSC certified, eco-friendly bamboo frames Brow width: 136mmArm length: 138mm 100% polarized lenses Lens width: 51mmLens height: 45mm These frames look best on angular faces. 60-day returnsfree shipping & lifetime warranty   



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