Sunglasses Fit Guide

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By Face Shape

Face shape: oval

Oval faces compliment just about any frame, but we think the Kennedy and the Monroe suit you best. For a larger, trendier look, the Monroe is the solution. If you prefer a classic, more masculine style, the Kennedy is your frame.

Face shape: round

The Monroe provides a flattering fit for the wide or round face shape, pairing it with a timeless wayfarer style. For larger heads, the Nelson is the most modern look.

Face shape: rectangle

The Nelson's edgy style compliments the angles in your face perfectly, while giving you the ultimate in bold frames. But if you'd prefer a sportier look, the Robinson is a more light-weight solution for your face shape.

Face shape: triangle

The perfect compliment to a wider jaw is the Robinson frame. It's wide enough to suit your face shape, but thin enough to give you a subtle and sporty flair. If you need more edge, then go for the Kennedy.

Face shape: heart

With the strong angles in your face shape, we recommend a frame with a soft edge. The Kennedy is an ideal fit. But much like an oval face shape, you're pretty sell suited for the Monroe as well!

Face shape: petite

We created the Victoria for those with smaller frames. The design is simple and elegant, making it a very popular female sunglass.

By Sunglass Style

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