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Panda Retailer Programs Overview

Thank you for your interest in Panda! Panda is a luxury bamboo sunglasses line that launched in 2012 to an overwhelming response from consumers, retailers and media. Our sunglasses are handcrafted from sustainable bamboo, and every pair sold provides the Gift of Vision to someone in need. For more about us, check out our full about page

Hopefully you're even more excited about representing Panda now that you know a bit more about us. We'd love to work with you, too! This section has more detail on how we collaborate with our retail partners.

  • Panda Retailers Retailers

    Retailers that work with us tend to be at the forefront of their industry and provide their customers with new trends, premium products, and have a strong commitment to only providing the highest quality brands.

    We're excited for what the future holds, and we have already enjoyed helping businesses of all types and sizes offer the Panda products to their customers — from large retailers to surf shops, boutiques, and other creative stores like those shown here.

    We know how hard it is to evaluate brands to bring into your store. That's why we want to get rid of the doubt and put the power back in your hands (check out our Guarantee tab for details). We want you to see for yourself how our ongoing innovation and emphasis on quality has made Panda the premium wooden sunglasses in the world today.

    UPDATE: We are now able to accept credit terms up to 90 days!

    • Malibu Beach Supply - Malibu Pier
    • ABC Home - New York City
    • Spark Optics - Malaysia
    • Ecoalmacen - Uruguay
  • Retailer Support Support

    We strongly encourage our new retailers to purchase a New Retailer Kit, as detailed in a separate tab. Along with the products and bamboo display board, it allows us to offer our new retailers additional bonuses:

    • Free Shipping Worldwide

    • Social Media Shoutout - get more traffic to your store with an official mention from our Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter accounts, including a direct link to your website or other online storefront.

    • Friendly, Rock Solid Support - our reps will take care of you, answer questions, fix issues, and recommend products for your store if you want consultation. Just email us at or give us a call anytime.

    • Early Access to Limited Edition and New Styles - we set aside most new styles once we get them in stock, allowing our retail partners a chance to roll them out to their customers immediately.

    • Eligible for our Featured Retailer Spotlight - this buzz-building segment in our customer newsletters is always a hit with our list.

      By securing your Retailer Display Package today, not only will we introduce our thousands of customers to your store, but we may also list your store's picture, address, and retail display (at your request) to drive more traffic.

      Some retailers have reported an increase in foot traffic and more than 300% boost in web traffic to their stores after being featured in the newsletter.

    We have found these valuable services to be incredibly helpful for our retail partners - many of whom have gladly paid thousands of dollars a year to be included in these special offerings. Because we're always improving our partner offerings, you'll get the same value and the same increases in traffic and sales without spending any extra pennies.

  • 60-Day Guarantee Guarantee

    Most of our retail partners immediately increase their revenue streams by partnering with us. Of course, we can't know for certain if Panda's premium bamboo products will be a successful hit in your store until you are able to share them with your customers, examine them for yourself, and see how well our products sell in your store.

    But we're so confident that our products will provide a new healthy sales stream for your store that we're offering a 60 day money back guarantee on all orders. You can feel the product, examine it, wear it, or sell it in your store for 60 days with no strings attached.

    If, after the 60 days are up, you're not completely satisfied or your revenue has not increased with your Panda products, send it back hassle-free for a 100% full refund of the purchase price - you just pay shipping back to us.

    Guarantee Seal
  • Application Process Apply

    First, peruse this page to get a solid feel for Panda and the retailer program (check out our Retailer FAQs if you have additional questions). If after reviewing this information you still think Panda would be a great fit for your retail location, just fill out this quick application to get started.

    We'll review your submission and, if we think you look like a great fit too, we'll set you up with a retailer account on WearPanda. You'll receive a welcome email containing an account activation link - just click that, set your password, and you're in!

    At that point you'll be able to check out at wholesale prices and you'll have access to our New Retailer Display Kits, as described in the other tabs on this page.

Become a Panda Retailer Today!

Please see our Retailer FAQs or contact us at if you have any remaining questions. Otherwise, if you think Panda would be a great fit for your retail location, just fill out this quick application to get started.

We look forward to welcoming you to the Panda family!
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Images of our New Retailer Kit and various other successful retailer displays:
  • New Retailer Kit (sunglasses only) - contents overview
  • Retailer display - Ecoalmacen
  • Various retailer displays
  • Bamboo display board by the pool
  • Retailer display
  • Retailer display