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Panda is a fashion brand devoted to creating ethical, sustainable, handcrafted bamboo accessories for social good.

  • About Panda

    Our Story

    Panda was developed to fill a void in conscious capitalism: a trail-blazing fashion accessories company where the individual designs are just as important as the products' ethical, environmental and social impact.

    Determined to make their vision a reality, the Panda Team shared their concept with the crowd-funding community at With overwhelming support, the project reached their fundraising goal in only 3 days. The brand was born in early 2012 with the help of 300 generous supporters.

    Our products are created with a purpose: with each sunglasses purchase Panda provides the Gift of Vision – a free eye exam and eyewear to a person in need - while Watch sales support Pencils of Promise and provide the Gift of Education.

    For more about us, check out our about Panda page.

    Our Mission

    Panda is on a journey to change the environmental and social impact of sunglasses and other accessories. We produce high-end sunglasses handcrafted from sustainable bamboo, and each purchase gives the Gift of Vision to someone in need through our partnership with Optometry Giving Sight.

  • Previous Press

    Chic, sustainable sunglasses... Our accessory must of the moment [is] sustainable, socially conscious sunglass brand Panda.


    Responsible for unleashing a new accessories trend and providing free eye exams and eyewear to underprivileged people around the world.

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  • FAQs

    Why Bamboo?

    Panda only creates fashion accessories out of sustainable bamboo.  Its ability to grow extremely fast with little resources or care makes it very eco-friendly.  Bamboo allows us to create accessories that are extremely lightweight yet very durable.

    What inspired the start of Panda?

    We don't hide the fact that TOMS Shoes was a huge inspiration. We figured if we could make a fraction of the impact that Blake Mycoskie has done we would be doing a good job. We want Panda to also be a recognizable brand for social change, so when someone sees Panda, they know that for everything that is purchased through the company, an individual in need or a charitable organization will benefit.

    How did the company start?

    Panda was launched by 300 supporters on the crowdfunding site  The project reached it funding goal within 3 days. Our earliest supporters come from Kickstarter and they all played an integral part in building what Panda is today.

    How does the Gift of Vision work?

    Panda works with Optometry Giving Sight to fund eye-exams and prescription glasses for those in need, changing peoples lives.  We also help them develop eye clinics around the world.

    How about the Gift of Education?

    We believe education is a fundamental necessity for all people. Each watch sold allows us to help Pencils of Promise provide educational opportunities for children in need.

    What is next for Panda?

    We want to continue sharing the Gift of Vision and Gift of Education with our partners around the globe. Panda also plans on launching additional bamboo fashion accessories in the near future - stay tuned!

Still have questions? Our full about page contains more details. You can also contact us via this site or shoot us an email at