Ultralight Bamboo Sunglasses

The ultimate in lightweight sunglasses!

Just like Panda Originals, the Ultralight collection is made from eco-friendly bamboo and offers complete UVA/UVB protection for your eyes. 

Give them a try today! You'll get the lightest, most comfortable sunglasses you've ever had, and someone in need will receive the Gift of Vision.

Joyce Ultralight

The pinnacle of retro sophistication, the Joyce boasts a classic rounded shape with slight cat-eye flair. Looks best on oval, round and heart face shapes. 

Robinson Ultralight

Sleek and sporty, Robinson is a style for the adventurous at heart. It boasts a low profile and slight wraparound curve. Looks great on all face shapes!

Nelson Ultralight

The Nelson is bold and unforgettable. This classic aviator frame looks great on men and women of all face shapes.

Wesli Ultralight

The Wesli's refined, round lenses are a nod to vintage beach lifestyle. The keyhole bridge and wing-tipped frames project an urbane and quirky confidence.