Yes, but are they Vegan?

Yes, but are they Vegan?

This is a question WearPanda gets frequently, so in an effort to address that, here are some frequently asked questions surrounding the issue.

Are Panda Sunglasses Vegan?    

No, Panda sunglasses are not vegan. Our sunglasses are not technically vegan, as we use beeswax as a frame sealant for waterproofing. Aside from the minimal use of beeswax, Panda sunglasses are vegan.

So why beeswax?

Well, beeswax is the environmentally safe alternative to using Bisphenol A (colloquially known as BpA). BpA is a toxin known to cause cancer, birth defects, and other medical issues. Granted, being used in sunglasses doesn’t seem like such a large deal, as you are not actually ingesting them. Unless you chew on your frames. Or your kids do. Plus, who wants a known cancer-causing substance close to their eyes? Beeswax is the non-toxic alternative.

 What makes a product vegan or not?

A product being vegan means that it was made completely without any animal byproducts being used. That is harder than most people realize since little things, that you don’t even look twice at, are made from animal byproducts. Gelatin is a good example. Gelatin is made from boiling animal tissues. It is used in a number of products, such as batteries to strengthen the metal. Some glues are also made with gelatin. That is another big one that people wouldn’t consider, as those glues are used in things like painting and art restoration, book binding, furniture making, and on musical instruments. LCD screens for tvs, computers, and even smart phones are another big non-vegan item. The liquid crystal displays have animal cholesterol in them.

              So to recap, are WearPanda’s sunglasses vegan? No. They use beeswax as a non-toxic waterproofing and sealing agent. When it comes down to the choice between being environmentally friendly and non-toxic vs being vegan, WearPanda lands on the non-toxic side of the issue.


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