Top Ten Halloween Looks That Rock Bamboo Sunglasses

Top Ten Halloween Looks That Rock Bamboo Sunglasses

We have all seen these classic looks at one time or another, either on the silver screen or at a Halloween party. They are fun and easy costumes to manage, but the danger is how to keep a classic Halloween look from becoming tired? The answer: updating your look with an awesome pair of bamboo shades. Here are the top ten Halloween looks that could rock a pair of bamboo sunglasses.

  1. Three Blind Mice- Wesli in Black

The look is fairly simple. Grab two friends, some black leotards and tights, grey felt mouse ears, black canes for blind tapping, and three pairs of WearPanda’s Wesli in Black. The look traditionally calls for round black glasses, however the Wesli is a great way to modernize this fairytale creature classic.

  1. Retro Girl- Rita in Brown

We have all seen her at a party. The 1950’s throw back outfit. Red checkered dress with an A-line skirt, white button up shirt tied instead of buttoned, bright red lipstick, and a pair of sunglasses. Fun, flirty, and classic. Subbing the Rita in Brown for the traditional cat-eye lens is a fun and eco-friendly way to rock this classic look.

  1. Men in Black-Robinson in Black

In “Men in Black”, Will Smith’s character Jay made a pair of Ray Ban’s “look good”. The Robinson in Black is a nice eco-friendly idea to update this look. Don’t forget the suit and tie!

  1. Holly Golightly- Hepburn in Black

In Audrey Hepburn’s classic film “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” Audrey’s character’s alter-ego Holly Golightly rocked a very stylist pair of sunglasses for her “incognito” look. What other pair of sunglasses could we recommend, save for the Hepburn in Black?

  1. Cops- Jackson in Black/Blue

Rocking a look of a boy in blue this Halloween? Instead of aviators, try a nice pair of Jacksons in Black/Blue. Project confidence with the oversized frames and sweeping rectangular lens.

  1. Olive from Easy A- Monroe in Black

We love Emma Stone as Olive from “Easy A”. She killed it with a pair of Wayfarers after her scarlet letter transition. The Monroe in Black is a comparable and eco-friendly alternative to that look. Strut into your next Halloween party rocking your own scarlet letter and a pair of Monroes.

  1. Spy Vs Spy- Carver in Black

Secret Agent is another classic Halloween look. Grab a buddy, a pair of trench coats, and exchange secret messages and missions as you work the room at your next Halloween party. Don’t forget no spy look is complete without a pair of sunglasses. We recommend the Carver in Black to complete your secret agent look.

  1. Ace Ventura- Robinson in Brown

Jim Carey cracked us all up with his take on animal obsessed “Ace Ventura Pet Detective”. We know Ace would have loved our eco-friendly sunglasses to update his wardrobe. Grab a pair of Robinson in Brown, a Hawaiian shirt, and some khaki shorts. Don’t forget a stuffed animal or two to sell the look.

  1. Thelma and Louise- Valencia in Honey

Who doesn’t love “Thelma and Louise”? It’s the perfect costume for a bestie Halloween night out. So grab your girl, get some jeans, cowboy boots, red lipstick, tank tops and a pair of Valencias in Honey. You’ll be ready to ride off in style with your best gal pal.


  1. Maverick from Top Gun- Nelson in Natural

Maverick from “Top Gun” is another iconic character who rocked a pair of aviator lenses onscreen. Tom Cruise killed it with this character and it has become a fairly typical Halloween costume. Jazz yours up this year with a pair of Nelsons in Natural.


These are just ten ideas of Halloween costumes you can jazz up with a pair of Pandas, but the options are limited only by your imagination. Have a happy Halloween and enjoy your own pair of pandas!


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