Top 6 Reasons for a Seattleite to Buy Sunglasses This Year

Top 6 Reasons for a Seattleite to Buy Sunglasses This Year

     Despite what many Seattleites think, sunglasses are a necessary part of our wardrobe. Just because we live in an area where the sun hides behind the rain clouds the majority of the year, doesn’t mean harmful UV-Rays still aren’t breaking through those clouds to reach your eyes. Here are the top 6 reasons every Seattleite needs a new pair of sunglasses.

      1) You’ve lost last year’s pair of sunglasses.
This is a pretty standard reason. I, personally, tend to be a walking black-hole when it comes to most accessories, sunglasses included. They never seem to be in the place I thought I left them last. If it weren’t an impossibility, I would swear they grow legs and run away from me. Since I have two curious kids under six, instead I will swear the glasses have help running away. In either case, by the time I need them next, they are long gone. It’s a good thing I know where to
buy glasses.
      2) On the Water
Whether you are taking a run along Alkai Beach, or sailing the Puget Sound, a nice pair of sunglasses are just what you need even on overcast days. Not only do your sunglasses protect you from the harmful UV rays that break through the clouds on overcast days, but they can also protect your eyes from the wind coming off the water. Keep your eyes safe from sea breezes and sunshine with a sturdy pair of sunglasses.
      3) Looking for the Best Sunglasses
One of the keys to being fashionable, I’ve been told, is to never let yourself stagnate. You have to keep looking for the next big thing from everything from dresses, shoes, to accessories too. You want to make sure your sunglasses game is on point.

     4) Lens Replacement Needed
Small child grab you glasses and pop out a lens? Push too hard on the lens while cleaning it? Dropped your glasses cracking the lens? All of these add up to a lens replacement needed, which means, you need a new pair of sunglasses.

     5) Going Green
Deciding to ditch your plastic pair of throwaway shades for some nice alternative wood sunglasses? Bamboo sunglasses could be right for you. Lightweight, non-toxic, so waterproof they even float…. what’s not to love?

     6) The Sun Came Out
Believe it or not, the sun actually does make an appearance over 150 days a year on average in Seattle. Granted, they are spread out enough to cause chaos and jubilation when the unfamiliar ball of fire in the sky does make an appearance, but appear it does. And when the sun finally comes out to play, you want to be ready with your own pair of shades, because, let’s face it, squinting is not very attractive.
     Whatever your reason for want to rock a new pair of shades this summer, WearPanda has the right pair of bamboo sunglasses for you. So grab a pair that meets your needs and go wild. Stay fun and fashionable this summer with your own pair of Pandas.