Yes, you do need sunglasses in Seattle

Yes, you do need sunglasses in Seattle

Rumor has it Seattle is the sunglasses capital of the world. Internet statistics of various credibility claim that Seattlites purchase more sunglasses per year than any other population. We can neither confirm nor deny, but we can list out the top six reasons to make sure you’ve got your sunnies in Seattle.

You’ve lost last year’s pair.

You’re going hiking.
One of the best parts of Seattle is the amazing nature just outside the city. Maybe you’re headed to the Olympic National Forest, maybe out towards Snoqualmie pass. Either way, the weather can be unpredictable. So pack those shades just in case. PSA backpackers - bamboo is super lightweight!

You’re headed out on the water.
Seattle has a lot of water. All that rain means lots of lakes and the incredible greenery that is Puget Sound. We love to get out and play on the water but beware of reflected sunlight! All those UV rays bouncing off the water can be murder on your eyes. And we strongly recommend making sure your sunglasses are made from a material that floats lest they wind up at the bottom of Lake Union!

You’re looking to go green.
It’s hard to live in a place of such natural beauty and not develop a deep concern for the challenges facing the environment. Seattle is known for its emphasis on environmental stewardship and many locals are proud of their steps taken towards reducing plastics and pollution. Eco-friendly bamboo sunglasses are a great way to show your support of the green revolution.

You’ve ‘gone green’ Happy smile emoticon 
Did you know that many red-eye reducing eye drops are not good for your eyes? Especially for extended use. Find yourself some eyedrops that mimic your natural tears and pop on a pair of sunglasses for instant eyeball satisfaction. Then #chill.


The sun came out.
Yeah, it happens, really. And even on those grey days, UVA/UVB rays can get through the clouds and cause damage to unprotected skin and eyes. Think of it this way: If you’ve got a shadow, you need shades


In case you’re curious: Seattle Weather Forecast


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