John's Story

Johns life was changed for the better thanks to the gift of vision

This is John.

As a young man living in Malawi, John was struggling.  He couldn’t see anything. Well, maybe not anything, but he couldn’t see well at all.  He went to school and studied, but since his vision was so bad he couldn’t pass his examinations.  There wasn’t much hope for his future. What could a blind young man do to earn a living and make a way for himself?  Let’s just say his future was not so bright that he had to wear shades.

man peering at eye exam

But then a modern miracle happened to John.  He connected with Optometry Giving Sight while they were doing work in Malawi.  He saw an optometrist, got an eye exam, and was fitted with some powerful glasses.   

John sent this letter to Optometry Giving Sight to share what a difference they had made in his life: 

“Hi Ladies and Gentlemen, my name is John Mgalamadzi from Malawi.  I write this to thank you guys for the good job you are doing of giving sight to different people with eye problems.

I was also given sight by this organization some years back when I was about 15 years old through the project called GIVING SIGHT TO BLIND CHILDREN IN AFRICA and I am now 29 years old.  So I think it’s good for me to thank this Organization and all people across the World who are taking part in it.

Those pair of glasses you gave me helped me and changed my life because I am here today because of the same glasses.  Just imagine, the same year I received the glasses I passed my examination which I had failed several times without glasses.

I am now working at the Peoples Trading Centre Limited as a Property & Insurance Clerk.”

Imagine knowing that you can continue your education, that you can get a job, that you will ultimately be able to provide for your family.   This is what the Gift of Vision is about. It is about helping people to see so that they can live fuller lives.

Every time you purchase a pair of glasses from WearPanda, we give the gift of sight by contributing to Optometry Giving Sight. On behalf of John, we want to thank you for helping us provide vision testing and care to people all over the world.  Your purchase does make a difference.  Thank you.


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