Panda Profile: Travelling Mooseys

the travelling mooseys love their favorite wooden sunglasses from wearpanda

The Travelling Mooseys can be found here: Blog | Instagram | Twitter | Pinterest

So who are you guys?

Nico: A highly passionate British traveller, who enjoys experiencing new cultures and a range of sports.

Vicky: A bilingual traveller, who loves all kinds of dance and has a strong interest in animal conservation.

How did you become the Traveling Mooseys?

Having given each other the nickname "Moosey" when we first met at university, six years ago, it quickly developed into the Travelling Mooseys when we started to travel together.

Favourite place you've been so far and place you're looking forward to most?

Vicky: My favourite place is Japan, due to its beautiful culture and how friendly the people are.

Nico: It has to be New York City because of the craziness of Times Square and the stunning architecture.

What's been your biggest mistake traveling so far?

Our biggest mistake travelling so far is not researching thoroughly enough into a hostel we stayed at in Hiroshima. As soon as we walked into our bedroom, there were a ridiculous amount of “jumping spiders”. Nico has a huge fear of these creepy crawlies, so after a few screams we quickly had to run for it. Thus, we had to urgently find another hostel in a place where we had no prior knowledge.

What inspires you to travel?

Exploring new cultures and gaining new perspectives on life.

What's next after traveling?

Our aim is to keep on travelling, while continuing to spread our passion to travel to others.

Why Panda?

With both of us believing in the importance of sustainability, Panda provided us with a product line that suited our environmental values. Not only that, their products are incredibly stylish and comfortable. Being able to wear Panda sunglasses also provides a great sense of happiness, as you know your purchase has given the Gift of Vision to someone in need, due to Panda’s partnership with Optometry Giving Sight. As a result, our Panda sunglasses will always be our favourite travel and lifestyle accessory.

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