Panda Profile: Kim Feldmann

the tundra through ecofriendly sunglasses

Adventurous man wearing WearPanda sunglasses in the tundra

Kim Feldmann de Britto from Florianopolis, a small island in the south of Brazil.
How would you describe yourself?
I'm a full-time wanderer who seeks and embraces change by building memories and pushing my limits. I'm also a part-time writer/photographer, exploring self-expression in order to stay inspired and evolve as a human being.

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What is TUNDRA?
TheTUNDRA projectis inspired by a wish to put myself in an environment I'm not familiar with - in this case mountains – and see what comes out of it. It's also a way to make my roaming more tangible, as well as to test myself both physically and emotionally, translating sights and feelings through words and images.
Best memory so far?
Reaching base-camp at Mardi Himal Trek in Nepal and witnessing a starry-sky give way to a full-moon, with snow-capped mountains all around.
Why Pandas?
Aside from being ultra-comfortable, Panda also translates some of my own personal virtues - simplicity, consciousness and lightness - through its sunglasses and business approach. It's a combination of an efficient design and sustainable mindset. If I could take them anywhere I'd go to some forgotten island off the north coast of Russia, to actually see what's there.
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