Panda Profile: Andreas Wirth

andreas sports his favorite panda sunglasses

Andreas Wirth began his racing career in the early 2000's and has been distinguishing himself both on and off track ever since!

While some environmentalists might criticize Andreas Wirth for his life-long passion of racing cars, you can rest assured that his off-track passion working in the green-energy sector is more than off-setting the larger carbon footprint he creates on-track.

Professional race car driver wearing WearPanda sunglasses

Environmentalism and sustainability has been a part of Andreas' life as long as he can remember. After finishing school he was naturally drawn to join his father and older brother working in renewables, focusing mainly on wind and solar energy applications ranging from small home-conversions to larger solar parks throughout Germany, Europe, the UK, the US and beyond. "There's no question, this industry takes a lot of hard work and determination. Like everything it comes with its share of challenges and frustrations, but I won't lie to you, I love it. There's a real "high" having a hand in putting these massive green projects together and bringing them online to produce 1000's of megawatts of energy every year. Knowing we're doing our part to help protect our planet against pollution and climate change – this is definitely an awesome feeling."

Andreas is proud to be partnering with Panda, "Our core values are really the same – we want to have a positive impact on the environment by producing and using eco-friendly, sustainable products whenever we can. Panda takes things one step further with their "Gift of Vision" and "Gift of Education" initiatives to give back, and I'm looking forward to working with them to help get their message out, to help people realize every one of us can have an impact, even in something as seemingly small as choosing which sunglasses we wear."

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