I cried when I lost these Sunglasses

I cried when I lost these Sunglasses

It’s true. I went hunting for my favorite sunglasses the third time the other day and they were nowhere to be found. There were tears as I officially pronounced them lost. 

I’ve always loved things that have been loved; the little things passed down through the family that have a history behind them. To put it in Marie Kondo terms, it’s the story behind the thing that sparks joy. The missing sunglasses were my original Panda Sunglasses. 

Bamboo is a natural substance and therefore subject to natural variations. Every pair of sunglasses from WearPanda are slightly different because they came from different plants. That uniqueness made them mine. I knew the grain of my sunglasses from the rest. I knew the stories behind each small ding or scratch and I loved them all the more for the memories. 

They were the pair I picked for myself when I first joined WearPanda, Wesli in Black. They immediately accompanied me sailing on Puget Sound and in 2017 they accompanied me on an incredible 10 months traveling around the world. I dropped those sunglasses so. many. times. They were shoved into backpacks, sweated on, soaked in the ocean and rainstorms. The color had been scoured by dust and sand from India to Hawaii. And they were briefly the chew toy of a basset hound named Hector.

In short, having been naturally weathered and worn into the perfect sunglasses, I lost my pandas. 

At least I know where to get another pair…

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