It Can’t be Taken Away From Her

It Can’t be Taken Away From Her

Imagine being the oldest daughter in a large Guatemalan family.  Your mother cannot read or write; your father and brothers work to support the family and for you, well, the future is not exactly bright.  Your mother needs your help with the younger children and with taking care of your small, dark house. Every day you and your mother struggle to feed the family.  You secretly fear that this will be how life will always be for you - just barely getting by.

But one day you connect with Pencils of Promise and they provide funds for you to attend school.  It changes your entire future. You will be the first to graduate from secondary school. You will be able to read and write and doors will be open for you that have not been open for anyone else in your family.  You will have options now. Your future is brighter than it has ever been. Yours fears start to melt away and you have a reason to be hopeful.

On behalf of so many oldest daughters in large Guatemalan families, thank you.  Thank you for shopping with us and partnering with us to make the world a better place.  Thank you for giving daughters hope and a future. Your purchase is changing lives.

happy children who can see thanks to ogs

(photo by Nick Onken)


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