Eco-Roundup March

Eco-Roundup March

Happy Coronaversary! 

If that doesn't make you smile (we understand), here's a few bits of the good news from the past month or so. 

We're back!

The USA has officially rejoined the Paris Climate Deal (hopefully) cementing a shift in public policy to put science first. 

So are we!

A bird species native to Indonesia has been discovered after being considered extinct for 172 years! The discovery was announced by a UK based bird club on February 27th. Additionally, the Iberian Lynx now has a population of nearly 1000! This big cat was extinct in it's native Portuguese environment in 2002, but intensive conservation measures including the reintroduction of captive bred cats has lead to an inspiring rebound. 

Sustainable fashion is still a thing. 

I mean, we knew that. But here's a crazy extensive list of 50+ ways to keep it green and clean. CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO


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