Eco Roundup - February

Eco Roundup - February

A quick trip through some of our favorite bits of news from the past month or so. 

Carbon Free Shipping

Have you heard of Neoline? Set to launch its first operating vessel in 2023, Neoline is a French startup bringing wind power to transatlantic cargo ships. Using a 136m long ship powered by 4200 square meters of sail they aim to reduce transatlantic maritime freight transport CO2 emissions by 90%. Big sails and big goals? We love it.

Mmh mmh Mayo!

Humans seem to have a love/hate relationship with the popular condiment, but it turns out mayonnaise can help rescue sea turtles from oil spills. Yes really. Turtles who have been caught in an oil spill have to be cleaned inside and out. Mayonnaise is an emulsion (mix of oil and water) which means its molecules can attract water on one end, and repel it on the other. This basically allows it to mix with the tar in the animals digestive system and thin it so it can be removed. 

Follow the Gold Coast

Once again Costa Rica is showing international leaders what it means to really take action for the environment. President Quesada told the Guardian “Our approach is to lead by example”, and true to his word Costa Rica (along with France and the UK) is pushing for a landmark international agreement to combat biodiversity loss, asking for countries to commit to the protection of 30% of our planets land and oceans. 


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