Eco-Roundup: April

Eco-Roundup: April

Spring is here and we’re bursting with excitement. The sky and ground are warming (here in the northern hemisphere) and there’s good news to be shared!

Jersey Turtles: Apparently, baby turtles can commonly be swept into storm drains by runoff when trying to cross roads. Using bamboo poles and specialized nets, volunteers were able to rescue over 800 of these babies out of drains in New Jersey. They’ll be taken care and rehabilitated by the staff at Stockton University before being released into the wild in about a year. 

Kind Gambit: Cheers to 10 year old Tani Adewumi. You may have heard, but this prodigy won the New York State chess championship at age 8 despite experiencing homelessness at the time. Since then, he’s just continued to improve and has set his sights on becoming the youngest GrandMaster. And yes, he is aware of the Queen's Gambit parallels. 

Building Green: In honor of Earth Day, De Zeen rounded up 10 ways to make architecture more green. Some are pretty common sense, good materials (bamboo) and an eye towards insulation can make a major difference. But new concepts like non-extractive architecture and reversible engineering show just how far this field has come. You can learn more here.

Foam Free Washington: Washington state (the home of WearPanda) recently passed a bill banning many kinds of polystyrene, more commonly known as Styrofoam, in food containers and recycled content packaging. Washington is the 7th state to pass such a bill. Additionally, it requires that businesses only provide customers with single use plastics upon request. 


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