Bamboo Watch: Style Suggestions

Bamboo Watch: Style Suggestions

There are many rules to remember when it comes to styling watches for men. The first and foremost seems to be remembering that they are a functional accessory. Men don’t get a lot of accessories, so the ones they have, they need to remember to use well. Don’t impede the functionality or the ability to make a statement that a watch has.


First up, how to wear the watch properly to maximize its functionality and not impede your own. Sounds easy right? I mean, you just grab it and strap it on your wrist, right? Wrong. Your watch needs to be in the correct place, with the correct fit, on the correct hand or you will drive yourself to distraction with it. Your watch goes just before your wrist bone on your non-dominant hand. That means, if you are left-handed, your watch goes on your right wrist. If you are right-handed, your watch goes on your left wrist. Also, you need to check the fit. The watch needs to fit right. Too tight; its uncomfortable. Too loose; it slides down and annoys you all day. The best fit, is to be able to slide a single finger between your wrist and the watch band. For metal bands, a jeweler can resize them for you. For leather bands, you can resize them yourself with the holes on the band.


When styling for men, the accessories are limited which is why a watch is an important statement piece. It can make or break an outfit and it is a statement of personality. Your watch shouldn’t overwhelm your wrist, which means it should fit your body shape. For most men that means the face of the watch should be between 35 and 42 millimeters. In addition, be mindful that different watches will accessorize and enhance different outfits. You wouldn’t wear a rubber watch with a tuxedo, for example. Nor would you wear a two-thousand-dollar watch for a day at the pool. It is important to style your watch to match your outfit accordingly.

Number one rule every man should know when it comes to styling is first, match your belt to your shoes. Only after you have done this, should you add in the watch band. Brown with brown, black with black, etc.  The shade of color doesn’t have to be an exact match but it should be a similar tone. Below are three different style of watches and the suggested winter/ fall looks for those.

For an urban look: The traveler. Japanese Movement style watch made out of recycled metals and all natural bamboo. Splash resistant, not water-proof. Styling: Black skinny jeans, boots, leather jacket, black t-shirt.


For the Classic look: the golden dreamer. Japanese Movement style watch made out of recycled metals and all natural bamboo. Splash resistant, not water-proof. Great watch for business formal attire.


For the academic look: The Connoisseur. Swiss Movement. Natural Cork which is hypoallergenic, mildew resistant, and water resistant. Not water-proof. Brown three-piece suit, brown leather shoes, white button up. No tie.

Each of these watches belong to an eco-friendly timepiece collection from WearPanda. Each watch is hand-built with sustainable components, featuring bamboo, Portuguese cork, recycled metals and vegan leathers. All sales benefit Pencils of Promise. So check out and find an eco-friendly, amazingly stylish watch for yourself today!


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