Why You Should Wear Sunglasses All Year

our favorite bamboo sunglasses

Here at WearPanda, we’re obviously big fans of summer. But we can’t help but love the changes the cooler temperatures bring. The chance to break out those cozy fall sweaters, colorful leaves, apple cider…

That being said, don’t put away your sunglasses just yet! In fact, doctors recommend wearing polarized sunglasses outside year-round, especially while driving. Some studies have even shown that wearing polarized sunglasses during the day helps to improve night vision. The polarization is important! This is what helps to protect your eyes against UVA and UVB rays, and the larger the lenses (hello Jackson…) the better the protection. PSA -  all Panda Sunglasses are polarized!

One study showed that 27% of Americans don’t wear sunglasses at all, putting their eyes at major risk for UV damage. And this damage isn’t reversible - so prevention is key! 

TL;DR Wear polarized sunglasses year-round. Your eyes will thank you.


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