Panda Profile: WE ARE TWIN

Panda Profile: WE ARE TWIN

People often ask what we listen to here at the Panda office.  Recently we've been obsessed with WE ARE TWIN.  If you have not already heard about them, you soon will.  Their vocals have a bluesy cadence echoing voices like Amy Winehouse and Grace Potter.  The sound is infectious; matched by a warm soundscape bristling with synths, keys, and strings. A style that dips into rock 'n' roll soul, electronic production, pop sensibility and even a little classical orchestration.

Checkout the music video for their new single: The Way We Touch

Who are WE ARE TWIN?
We are musicians, producers, and writers
Why do you wear Panda? 
We wear Panda because it's a good alternative brand that helps to make the world a better place.
Which is your Panda of choice?
Nicolas: Jackson Black
Gabi:  Victoria - Black or Natural
What inspires your music:
Friends & family, good food, traveling and vintage music instruments.
Coolest show you have done so far:
Viper Room, L.A
Describe Panda Sunglasses in one word: 
If I could travel anywhere, I wish I could rock my Panda Sunglasses in this city:

Sunglasses from Left to Right: Martin, Kennedy, Victoria, Jackson, Nelson

 *Originally published 2012