TEST Carver Bamboo Sunglasses
TEST Carver Bamboo Sunglasses
TEST Carver Bamboo Sunglasses
TEST Carver Bamboo Sunglasses
TEST Carver Bamboo Sunglasses
TEST Carver Bamboo Sunglasses

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TEST Carver Bamboo Sunglasses

Regular price $120.00

Squared Geometric Balance with a Subtle Angle

Made from 100% Sustainable, All-Natural Organic Bamboo

While other wooden sunglasses are made from endangered woods such as Walnut, Maple, and Zebrawood, we are committed to only using eco-friendly bamboo. For those that care about the environment, the difference is clear — Panda is the best alternative to harmful plastic, metal, and other wooden sunglasses.

Lifetime Warranty Guarantee Quality Hand-Craftsmanship!

Buy a pair of Pandas once; own them forever!

We guarantee our sunglasses against flaws & defects. Even years from now!  With our simple fix it or replacement policy, you are guaranteed to have a zero-risk worry-free experience!  


The Best UV Protection For Your Eyes!

Our 7 Layered Polarized Lenses Provide Gold Standard UV400 Protection!

Don't go in the sun without proper protection!  Our TAC polarized lenses provide the highest level of protection possible: UV400.  Protecting your eyes against harmful UVA & UVB rays.

Our lenses are also polarized against glare!


FREE Shipping to Anywhere in the World!

We support those who want to incorporate sustainability and eco-friendly solutions into their lives and communities.  When you buy pair, we cover the shipping cost to anywhere!

We also offer carbon-offsetting solutions to our shipments.

Comes with a Hard Bamboo Case & Natural Easy Carry Pouch!  Both FREE!

This case protects your glasses in any environment and is also made from the same 100% sustainable, all-natural bamboo as our sunglasses.  


Give the Gift of Vision with Every Pair Purchased!

When you buy a pair of Pandas, we donate one (1) eye exam & one (1) pair of glasses to someone in need.  This is accomplished through a partnership with Optometry Giving Sight, a non-profit dedicated to battling debilitating blindness world-wide.

One Eye Exam
& One Pair of Glasses.
Donated to a Person In Need.
For Every Pair Purchased.

Brow Width: 145mm
Arm Width: 137mm
Lens Width: 54.5mm
Lens Height: 40.9mm

Complement: Wider Faces.

60 Day No-Questions-Asked Return Policy.
Lifetime Warranty & Replacement Guarantee.

    Bamboo is one of the fastest growing plants on the planet. It uses less water than traditional woods, and puts more oxygen back into the air! Plus it doesn't require chemical fertilizers, making it safer for the earth and farmers. Not only is bamboo naturally lightweight, it's also stronger than steel!

    Learn more about this fascinating grass »

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