Panda Scarf - Teal
Panda Scarf - Teal
Panda Scarf - Teal

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Panda Scarf - Teal

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This contemporary scarf is a very trendy teal blue-green colour. Luxurious and so much fun, featuring a large and adorable panda. Enjoy this special designer scarf at work, family events, parties etc.

Cashmere-modal scarves are perfect in hot weather, as made from beach tree, they breathe and have fantastic thermogenic qualities to cool you down

Why We Love It: Originally, we were going to pick just one of these scarves but we couldn't bring ourselves to decide. That panda is so cute and dark teal with a pop of pink is just dying to be paired with the Monroe's in Natural/Pink

Size: 140x140 cm

Composition: 10% Cashmere, 90% Modal

Modal is a highly ecological yarn made from beech trees.

Made in Italy

Care: Dry-clean, Handwash, Machine Wash 30°C. 

"Cashmere and Modal scarves are a delicate and fine product which can last you a good time with the correct care. While the dry cleaning is typically recommended for scarves, I personally prefer to hand-wash our scarves in slightly warm water with detergent for delicates (Ecover Delicates, Woolite etc.). I have also washed them separately, or with other similar colours, in the washing machine on the Delicate Programme. I strongly recommend to dry them carefully by hanging them open, part open or flat. I find that after washing them by hand or on the machine they acquire an even nicer softer texture. These scarves can also be gently ironed." Nadja Solovieva, designer