Kennedy Rx Bamboo Sunglasses
Kennedy Rx Bamboo Sunglasses
Kennedy Rx Bamboo Sunglasses
Kennedy Rx Bamboo Sunglasses
Kennedy Rx Bamboo Sunglasses
Kennedy Rx Bamboo Sunglasses

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Kennedy Rx Bamboo Sunglasses

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A boxy, angular look with slim, understated frames, the Kennedy provides a versatile design that highlights the best features of most wearers. Its thin lines add angles to round and oval face shapes, and the sharp focus provides balance to wider or rectangular faces.

The Kennedy Rx Bamboo Sunglasses are hand finished from sustainably harvested bamboo. Each pair comes with a reusable bamboo case and a soft microfiber pouch that can also be used as a cleaning cloth.

Also available without prescription lenses.

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Customers love our stylish bamboo sunglasses and rave about our customer service... and with our lifetime manufacturing warranty and 60 day happiness guarantee (no-questions-asked returns or exchanges), you're not risking much to join them.

Oh, and shipping is always free.

Grab a pair of our bamboo shades today — come see what all the commotion is about!

Bamboo is one of the fastest growing plants on the planet. It uses less water than traditional woods, and puts more oxygen back into the air! Plus it doesn't require chemical fertilizers, making it safer for the earth and farmers. Not only is bamboo naturally lightweight, it's also stronger than steel!

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Through our partnership with Optometry Giving Sight, every pair of Panda sunglasses purchased ensures that someone in need receives an eye exam and prescription glasses. These donations also help fund long term solutions like optometry schools and vision clinics worldwide.

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Rather than arbitrarily classifying some sunglasses for men and other sunglasses for women, we say you do you.

If you're not sure about your favorite look, though, we'd be happy to can help you find the best wooden sunglasses for your face shape.