Jonah Reenders

Jonah Reenders, photographer and adventurer.
Marquette, Michigan USA
What inspires your photographs?
My biggest inspiration for my photography is adventuring. I started taking photos as a way to capture what I find interesting and beautiful in my life and turned it into a strong passion. I take my camera where ever I go and capture what appeals to my eye. I would describe my work as a strong mix between the people and natural surroundings that I find intriguing.
Most Memorable Photo?
One of my most memorable photos is one that I took of Annie Clark (St. Vincent) at one of her concerts. This is where I switched from taking less photographs of landscapes and nature and more of candids and portraits. For some reason I love the emotion in the photo and realized that I really enjoy shooting people.
Beautiful woman wearing sunglasses
Why do you wear Panda?
I wear Panda because they look and feel great. They have the best polarized lenses I have ever looked through and fit better than any other glasses I have put on. They are also made of sustainable bamboo and help people in need. This is very important to me and shows just how much Panda cares about people and our environment.
Which is your Panda of choice?
Jackson in Brown
Describe Panda Sunglasses in one word:
If I could travel anywhere, I wish I could rock my Panda Sunglasses in this city:
I am currently looking to explore New Zealand, so a city there!

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