Why I Wear Panda: The Eco-istas

Name(s): Aja Dang and Laura Varney

Location: Los Angeles, CA

What is Eco-istas?
Eco-istasis an environmental lifestyle website that shares eco-friendly tips and promotes an ethical and sustainable lifestyle. We cover beauty, travel, fashion, decor, food and fitness.

Why do you wear Panda?
We wear Panda because the glasses are fashionable, light and comfortable, sustainable and it's always great to support a company that strives to do better. And let's be honest, living in SoCal, there's no better accessory than a hot pair of sunglasses.

Which is your Panda of choice?
Aja: Martin in Black!
Laura: I wear the Monroe and Kennedy's - both natural stain. I also like the brown stain as well. It depends on my mood!

Describe Panda Sunglasses in one word:
Aja: Divalicious
Laura: Carefree

If I could travel anywhere, I wish I could rock my Panda Sunglasses in this city:
Aja: Back home in Hawaii. It's always sunny so I'd get to rock my Panda's every day of the week!
Laura: Somewhere in Bali riding an elephant.