Buy Bamboo Sunglasses; Sew Seeds of Change For Others

Buy Bamboo Sunglasses; Sew Seeds of Change For Others

Did you know? Purchasing a pair of pandas nets you more ecological karma points than just getting to rock a pair of environmentally sustainable bamboo sunglasses. When you buy a pair of pandas or a bamboo watch from WearPanda, you get so much more. Between Kiva Loans, Pencils of Promise, and One Tree Planted, and several other charitable partners, your one act of buying from WearPanda can have a deeper reverberation.

One Tree Planted

For every pair of pandas purchased from WearPanda, a single tree gets planted. That might not seem like much, but one tree for every pair of sunglasses purchased adds up. Especially since, WearPanda glasses are not made from wood. WearPanda glasses are made from stylish and sustainable bamboo. Bamboo is one of nature’s fastest growing grasses. This was made possible by partnering with One Tree Planted. One Tree Planted is one of the environmental charities focused on reforestation and in a time when the Amazon is burning, reforestation is something that planet Earth could surely use.  The countries currently being reforested by One Tree Planted are: The United States of America, Brazil, Guatemala, and Haiti.

Pencils of Promise

For every watch purchased from WearPanda, a portion helps support Pencils for Promise. Pencils for Promise is an organization dedicated to making education more accessible for children in the developing world. It is a non-profit organization. Their goals are to build schools and increase educational opportunities in struggling countries like Ghana, Guatemala, and Laos.

Kiva Loans

Kiva Loans is another partner of WearPanda and a portion of WearPanda profits go to Kiva Loans. Kiva is a micro-lending charity. Their mission is to “connect people through lending to alleviate poverty”. It is a site that essentially allows loan requests to be crowdfunded via the internet through the micro-lending of others. The countries currently impacted by WearPanda funds are Columbia, El Salvador, Indonesia, Kenya, Lebanon, Myanmar, Pakistan, Philippines, Vietnam, and Zimbabwe. However, Kiva itself sponsors change in over 80 countries worldwide.

WearPanda is also partnered with other charities such as Optometry Giving Sight and the Washington National Parks Fund. Optometry Giving Sight is a global fundraising initiative to help those whose lives are impacted by poor vision and the Washington National Parks Fund is the official philanthropic partner of Mount Rainier, the North Cascades, and the Olympic National Parks.

Altogether, the total number of countries touched by the funds contributed to the various charities WearPanda is partnered with totals over 40. That is thousands of people whose lives can be made the tiniest bit better just by the single act of buying a pair of sunglasses or a watch from WearPanda. Every single purchase has a very real effect on the lives of various people worldwide, and according to WearPanda “we’re not done yet!”. So buy WearPanda and be the change in someone else’s life today.